We are interested in all projects and try and bring some ‘Architecture’ to the smallest projects

Company Overview

Philip Morphy Architects was set up in 2005 by its Director, Philip D Morphy. Philip is a fully qualified Architect; a title protected by law and the practice is registered with the Architects Registration Board and RIBA. As RIBA chartered Architects, we have to undergo a yearly assessment by the RIBA and must carry full professional indemnity insurance.

Ideal spaces for modern ideals.

In collaboration with our clients, we create buildings that are true to their surroundings.

Starting your project.

Philip Morphy Architects can lead the prospective client through the complexities of the Planning, Building Regulations, Listed Building and other consents that may be required before a development can even begin to take place. Initial consultations will be carried out on site with no charge, and after that as little or as much work can be undertaken as the client requires. There is no set fee or stage of work that must be undertaken, and because of our interest in buildings we are happy to just advise on an ad-hoc basis or provide a whole package of construction drawings.

Building and completion.

Once a project is designed and approved Philip Morphy Architects will arrange its tendering to reputable builders so that competitive prices are received. Philip Morphy Architects will also inspect the work as it progresses, certify monies and deal with any construction problems when they arrive until the work is complete.

In short we can offer a complete architectural service to any prospective client.

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